Smart Home Sprachsteueur in the US is coming to Austin

Austin, Texas, Aug. 21, 2019– Smart Home Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMPS) announced today that it will launch the Smart Home SPRachsteügerung (SMPS) in Austin, the first smart home product designed specifically for the Austin area.

SMPS is a home automation platform with a proven track record of bringing innovation to the market.

SMps products, which include the Smart Air Wall, Smart Door Control, Smart Lighting Control, and Smart Lighting and Audio Control, are being developed and deployed across the US and worldwide.

SMs Smart Home features a built-in speaker system for listening to music or watching TV, as well as a built in Wi-Fi for remote control of your home’s entertainment and lighting systems.SMPS will launch at Austin’s City Hall at 9 a.m. local time today and will be available to purchase in select Austin markets in the coming weeks.

The SMPS Smart Home is a smart, simple, and convenient way to create and manage your home, with smart, intuitive, and secure controls for controlling and monitoring your smart home.

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