Why I’m leaving smart home plugs

I’m going to give you a little bit of background on what smart home plug options are available for 2017, and then I’m about to give a little more background on why I’m starting to leave them behind. 

I’m going, first, to go through some of the big brands, smart home companies that have come out of the smart home industry in the last few years.

Next, I’ll give a brief rundown of some of my current smart home options. 

As you can see, it’s a tough job.

The smart home ecosystem is full of companies that make smart home products, and some of them are competing with each other to be the most popular.

I want to start with companies that are leading the smart house market, and I’ll go through the major ones.

First up, I want to take a look at the major smart home brands, and you’ll notice that they’re a mix of different things: Smart home products include smart home hubs, smart smart lights, smart appliances, smart thermostats, smart locks, smart TVs, smart sensors, smart lights that are connected to the internet, smart lighting, smart homes, smart doorbells, smart speakers, smart plug-ins, smart lightbulbs, smart plugs, smart security systems, smart power tools, smart refrigerators, smart washing machines, smart dishwashers, smart air conditioners, smart fireplaces, smart televisions, smart smoke detectors, smart sprinklers, smart video game consoles, smart toys, smart alarm clocks, smart laundry detergent, smart dryers, and smart security devices.

Smart home hubs (smart hub, smart hub, plug-in, hub) These are products that can connect to your smart home hub and do things like sync your lights, set timers, control your thermostat, control access to your home, set alarms, etc. Smart hubs can be purchased through most of the major retailers.

Smart lights (smart light, smart lamp, smart bulb, smart bulbs) Smart bulbs (smart bulbs, smart LEDs, smart luminaires, smart LED bulbs)Smart thermostators (smart thermostop, smart heat, smart fridge, smart freezer, smart oven, smart shower, smart water heaters, Smart-Wiring, smart-wiring, thermostatic thermostant)Smart appliances (smart oven, Smart Kitchen, Smart Thermostat)Smart doorbell (smart doorbell)Smart speaker (smart speaker, speaker, smart phone, smart speaker, thermos, smart wall, smart clock, smart kettle, smart kitchen sink, smart microwave, smart refrigerator, smart stove, smart toilet, smart toothbrush, smart bathtub, smart faucet, smart vacuum cleaner, smart hair dryer, smart appliance remote, smart bathroom doorbell remote)Smart plugs (smart plug, plug, smart cord, plug)Smart smart lights (Smart lights, Smart Lighting, Smart, Smart Lights, Smart LED Lights, LED Smart, LED Lights)Smart security systems (smart security, smart lock, smart key, smart access, smart watch, smart camera, smart remote, Smart Security, Smart Key, Smart Access)Smart washing machines (Smart washing machine, Smart machine, smart, smart)Smart air conditioner (smart air, smart heating, smart cool, smart furnace, smart filter)Smart refrigerator (smart fridge, Smart Cool, Smart Hot Water, Smart)Smart TV (smart TV, Smart TV, smart TV, TV)Smart lights that can plug into smart lights and thermostaters (smart lights, LEDs, Smart lighting)Smart refrigerators (Smart refrigerator, Smart refrigerator)Smart water heatERS (smart water, water heater, water heat)Smart dishwashes (Smart dishwasher, Smart dishwasher)Smart vacuum cleaners (Smart vacuum cleaner)Smart laundry detergents (Smart laundry, laundry deter)Smart smoke detectors (Smart smoke detector, Smoke detector, smoke detector)Smart sprinklers (Smart sprinkler)Smart home hub (smart home hub, hub,smart, hub)(smart hub)Smart energy tools (smart energy, smart energy, energy tools)Smart kitchen sink (smart sink,smart sink)Smart fridge (smart refrigerator)Smart freezer (smart freezer)Smart oven (smart kitchen, oven,smart)Smart power tools (power tools, power tools) Next up, let’s look at some of these smaller brands, all of which are going through some changes. 

Here’s the thing: There are lots of different brands out there, and not all of them will be the same.

Some of these will probably stay the same, and others will be going through a few different iterations.

The reason for that is that, in the smart hub space, the major players will still be the big names, like Apple and Google.

In the smart lights space, you have smaller companies