How smart home products are coming to Amazon’s Echo Show

In a recent interview with Wired, Amazon Echo Show co-founder Steve Marzullo revealed that his company is “actively pursuing” to bring its smart home product to the Echo Show, in order to make it easier to interact with and connect to home automation features. 

“The reason we’re working on Echo Show is to bring it in a better, more personal way, to make that experience easier for people to use,” MarzULLO said, adding that he expects the Echo Series will have more features and “better functionality” than the Echo Dot, which will likely be available to the public “shortly.”

“We are actively pursuing to bring Echo Show in a more personal, personal way.

This is a much more personal experience for people, to be able to interact more with their smart home,” he said.

“We’re also actively working on bringing the Echo line to the Amazon Alexa Show and into other products that we have.

So this is a huge step for the Echo.”

MarzULLo also hinted that the Echo team is working on new Echo Dot products that will have “new capabilities” that are “more like smart home experiences.” 

The Echo Show will be available for purchase on October 22, but it is expected that the device will be more widely available in the coming months.