How to save money on smart home appliances and products

By James Stewart/Business Insider, October 20, 2018 | 5:18pmDuke Smart Home, one of the leading smart home brands in the world, is partnering with Microsoft to offer a discounted price for its Halo smart home devices.

Microsoft is offering $25 off the purchase price of the Halo Home SmartHome with the purchase of a Smart Home Hub.

The offer is valid on Halo Home products and can be combined with other Microsoft promotions.

Duke also announced today that it will be offering a Halo Home Rewards program on its Smart Home hub devices.

Users who spend $200 or more on Halo Hub devices are eligible for up to two complimentary Halo Home points.

The Halo Home rewards program, which will expire on October 30, will include $20 off each Halo Home purchase.

Dukies Halo Home product lineup is also getting a major upgrade, with a new model coming to market that will include the new Halo Smart Home device.

The new Halo Home features a redesigned design with an improved camera, a USB Type-C port, and an infrared sensor.

The new device is scheduled to launch this spring.

Users can sign up for the program on the Duke Smart Home website.

The deal is available only to UK residents.