How to get ring smart homes in Australia

New Zealand’s Fios Smart Home Hub is set to launch in the US in early 2018, but it will be in a ring.

The company announced the first US location in a press release today, with a release citing an announcement by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

It added that the company will be partnering with US companies including Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft.

“We are excited to announce our first US office, which will be located in New York City and will help us expand the Fios Home Hub to more communities in the coming years,” Fios CEO Mark Fincher said in the release.

“Fios is committed to building a more sustainable, fair, and equitable world through smart homes, smart cities, and smart cities solutions, and is committed a great work with partners like the US government to help create and support these communities.”

Fios said the US offices will focus on the following areas: smart home products, connected devices, smart appliances, and home automation.

“With a commitment to create a smart and sustainable world for our employees, we will be working with the Department of Energy and other government partners to further develop these initiatives and create the smart homes we all want to have in our homes,” Finchers said.

The Fios Hub is slated to be up and running in early 2019.

The company has been working with Fios for more than a year, and it said it is working on a number of initiatives to build a smart home ecosystem in the United States.