Google News: ‘Smart home’ hub to take place in Sydney’s CBD

The Australian’s sister publication has published an article about the planned Smart Home Hub in Sydney.

The article by Andrew Macdonald states the hub will be a collaboration between the City of Sydney and the Smart Home Innovation Group.

“This hub is a collaboration to create a hub for innovation and collaboration in the City’s smart home hub, where Smart Home innovation and expertise will be harnessed to drive the Smart City of the future,” the article states.

The Hub is to be located in the former home of former prime minister Kevin Rudd, and will have a retail floor for the Smart Hub.

The hub is expected to be open in the middle of 2018, with the opening of the hub in 2019.

“The Smart Hub is designed to make it easier for people to stay connected with their smart home, both on and offline,” the SmartHome Hub website states.

“By allowing users to connect their smart devices and devices in real time to the hub, they will be able to access the hub on their smart phones and tablets, and on their computers, without having to leave their homes.” is currently available in a number of countries, but it is yet to be launched in Australia.