Smart Home Hub to be unveiled at CES 2018

CES 2018 will be the last of the big tech show, and that means a new smart home hub is in the works.

The CES 2017 hub, which is expected to debut at CES 2019, will be an intelligent smart home platform powered by Nest and connected by smart thermostats.

It will feature sensors to monitor humidity, temperature, and the amount of light and sound coming from the home.

The hub will also track temperature, temperature sensor readings, and power usage.

The Nest Learning Platform will be used for building the smart home app.

Nest will provide its technology to the hub, but the platform itself will be developed by Nest Labs.

This hub will be a part of a larger effort to integrate the tech with the homes of home owners.

The Smart Home Council, which was formed in 2017, has a goal of creating a smart home ecosystem that would integrate the Nest products with existing home systems.

It is a collaborative effort among homebuilders, designers, and tech companies.

The Smart Home Alliance, which will be launched at CES 2021, will focus on smart home and energy systems and is expected the hub to be announced in 2019.

The alliance will offer its own product line and will be focused on smart appliances, sensors, and software.

The hub will not be compatible with existing Nest products, but it will be compatible for future devices that are based on Nest technology.

The devices that can be connected to the Hub include Nest Cam, Nest Cam + Smart Nest Thermostat, Nest Home Hub, and Nest Smart Home.