Samsung SmartThings is launching a smart home hub for its SmartThings 2.0 platform

Samsung Smart Things 2.1 is coming to Android, iOS, and WebOS this fall.

The new hub lets users connect and manage their home-based smart home devices and apps, which in turn will enable Samsung to create its own intelligent home products and services.

Samsung is bringing its SmartApps platform and its SmartHome apps to the platform.

These apps will integrate with existing Samsung SmartHome devices, which is an important step for Samsung to offer a wide variety of smart home products.

The SmartApps Hub will include the following features: A smart home dashboard and app store that will include an integrated calendar and notifications service, a list of supported smart home components and devices, a library of over 100,000 compatible devices and services, and a user interface for creating, sharing, and managing smart home content.

Samsung says that SmartApps will also integrate with SmartThings, which will enable it to offer more functionality and services in the SmartHome ecosystem.

“We’re excited to bring SmartApps to Android and iOS, but we’re also excited to add the SmartThings Hub to the ecosystem,” said Ravi Ravi, executive vice president and general manager, Samsung SmartApps.

“The integration with SmartApps allows us to offer smart home services that are just as easy to integrate with other smart home solutions.

By making the Hub a standalone application, we can add more integration to our smart home ecosystem, allowing users to discover, use, and integrate with their own smart home.

Samsung has also integrated its own smart lighting and entertainment software into the SmartApps app.

The Hub will also be able to integrate SmartThings and Samsung’s smart home technology and services into the existing SmartHome app and other apps on Android and Apple platforms.”

SmartThings will be available to developers in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

Samsung announced the Smartapps Hub in March.