How Barbie smart home speaker is the future of smart home

Barbie smart house speaker is a $2,500 smart speaker that has become a buzzword among the smart home crowd.

The speaker is one of a number of smart speaker products that can also control your lights and smart home devices.

But now the company is taking its smart home tech to the next level.

According to a new patent filing, the new speaker uses smart sensors to send voice commands to the device.

This is an entirely new concept in the smart speaker world, as the speaker itself doesn’t need to interact with the smart devices.

Rather, the speaker sends commands to devices like your car, your thermostat, or your smart home control panel.

The patent is a step in the right direction for the smart speakers market.

The main problem with this kind of product is that it’s difficult to control devices like smart lights and thermostats, because the speaker can’t physically interact with them.

But the new patent makes it possible to control smart devices using voice commands, something that was previously difficult.

The speakers in question use a wireless technology that is capable of transmitting voice commands wirelessly.

The company says the speaker is able to control light switches, thermostatic controls, and other smart home functions.

The filing is a very promising sign for the future success of smart speakers.

And if it’s accurate, it means that the speaker will be able to deliver on the promise of the product.

[Image credit: Apple]