Samsung unveils smart home device with the same features as its Smart TV

Samsung’s latest smart home offering will launch with a big splash at the UK CES trade show, the company has announced.

Samsung’s smart home devices, including the new WX-10, WX10 and WX30, will debut at CES 2017, the biggest consumer electronics show in the US.

The company says the WX series will offer a wide range of intelligent smart home features and the WY series will expand on the W X series, including a new smart home hub that’s based on the new Samsung Smart Hub platform.

Samsung announced the WZ series at the start of January, but hasn’t launched the new devices yet.

The WX Series, the W10 and the new series WX will be launched alongside the W Series in June, while the W30 will arrive in August.

The WX and W10 series will include a smart home feature that allows users to control the devices from a smart TV or smart speaker via a web browser.

The smart home component also works with the W smartphone.

The devices work with the new Smart Hub Platform, which has been designed to be the standard for smart home connected devices.

In addition to the W series, Samsung has also announced a new W-series, which it says will offer users control over the W devices.

That series will also be based on its new Smart Smart Hub.

A new smart hub-based smart home will be introduced later in the year.

Samsung’s new smart smart home products will be available in the UK in June.

Samsung also said it will launch a range of Samsung Smart TV products, including an 8-inch and 12-inch TVs.

The company says it plans to release more devices for smart hubs, including two smart home hubs for the new smart TV.