‘Arbor’ smart home gets $30M boost as ‘smart home bundle’ comes to market

The smart home and home automation platform “Arbor” is adding to its lineup of smart home products to help it take on Amazon’s Echo Dot and the Echo Show.

The startup announced today that it is expanding its Smart Home bundle with the “Arbore Smart Home Bundle,” which is a bundle of smart lights, smart home accessories, smart thermostats and more.

Arbor CEO and co-founder and chief executive Brian Phelan said that the new Smart Home bundles will allow the company to leverage its expertise in smart home technology to deliver more value to customers, including by offering them the “latest and greatest in smart accessories and solutions.”

Arbor, a New York-based startup, began in 2011 as an app store for home automation, and Phelans team was eventually able to create a smart home platform for a company in the space, according to The Washington Times.

Arbores first products included the Nest Cam and Smart Bulb, but its latest offerings include the Nest Smart Home, Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, and Nest Protect Plus.

The company plans to launch more of its products in the coming weeks.

Arbors product lineup also includes “Arbitrary,” which includes a smart light that is triggered when a sensor detects motion, and “Archef,” which has the ability to automatically set timers and dimming lights for your home.

The “Archer” smart light can also detect when it detects motion.

Phelan and cofounders David Schoen and Michael Phelas plan to launch their new “ArBore” products in April, with the aim of taking on Amazon and other big names in the home automation space.

The “Arbear” smart home package will be available on Amazon devices starting this week, Phels said.

Arbour has also teamed up with Amazon to offer a “Arbour Nest Protect” package for $69.99, Pheh said.

The company plans “Arbors” smart bulbs will be the most popular smart bulbs in the new Arbore product lineup, according Phel.

Arbitary is also planning to launch a smart lamp called the “Pheonix,” which will be sold as a “Smart Lighting” bundle that includes a bulb, a stand, a control board and a remote.

Arbits products are available on the company’s website.