When Xiaomi is the ‘Smart Home Ninja’: Xiaomi’s Smart Choice Homes launch gets more ‘smart’

When Xiaomi’s smart home device lineup launches later this year, it will be the first smartphone to use Xiaomi’s new smart home app, which is expected to feature features such as a home control panel, smart light dimming, smart temperature controls, smart doorbells and smart door lock.

While it may not be as simple to use as Apple’s HomeKit platform, the launch of the Mi Home is an interesting and potentially disruptive move for Xiaomi.

While Xiaomi is one of the most trusted brands in China, its product lineup is not very well known outside the country.

Xiaomi’s Mi Home product line includes Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 3 smart speaker, Xiaomi Mi Mix smart speaker and Xiaomi Mi Max smart speaker.

The Mi Home lineup was announced in May and the Mi 3 is expected in the fall of this year.

It will offer a range of features such an intelligent home hub, intelligent light dimmer, smart thermostat, smart alarm system and smart speaker/cable.

The smart speaker is expected as the first Xiaomi smart home speaker.

Xiaomi is also expected to introduce its own smart home hub in 2018, but the product has yet to be unveiled.

As a smart home company, Xiaomi is positioning its products to be used by the average person who wants to keep their home smart but not too smart, which Xiaomi sees as a market ripe for innovation.

Xiaomi will also be the second-biggest manufacturer of smart home products in the world, after Samsung.

The Mi Max will be Xiaomi’s largest smart speaker model.

It is expected that the Mi Max Plus, which was announced earlier this year as an entry-level smart speaker with a price tag of $199, will have a price similar to that of the original Mi Max, but with a higher-end speaker.

While Xiaomi will likely sell a high-end Mi Max product in its own stores, the Mi Mix will be available in select Xiaomi retail stores.

Xiaomi plans to sell the Mi 2 and Mi 3 at select Xiaomi stores and online through Mi Mobile and Mi Shop in the coming months.

The Smart Choice Home series is expected launch later this fall.