How to make your own smart home bundle: The Guardian

The Guardian has a smart home guide to get you started.

1 / 7 Guardian smart home: guide Guardian smart house: guide 2 / 7 The Guardian smart smart home is a smart house that comes in two versions: the Guardian smart door, which includes the Guardian app and the Guardian Home app, and the smart gate, which comes with the Guardian home app and Guardian home hub.

3 / 7 New Guardian smart homes are available for purchase through the Guardian website, or you can find a Guardian home bundle through a Guardian app store.

4 / 7 How to control your home in the Guardian Guardian smart gates are controlled by the Guardian mobile app, with the smart door and smart gate app switching between them.

5 / 7 You can buy the Guardian house smart home for $699 (£599) from

6 / 7 Find out more about Guardian smart houses at the Guardian.

7 / 7 Watch: Guardian smart gadgets The Guardian offers a wide range of smart gadgets.

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