CES 2017: Smart Home Gym features smart home features

CES 2017 was a busy year for smart home accessories and smart home hardware.

Smart home features are everywhere, and smart accessories have been around since the early 2000s.

The CES 2017 smart home category included smart home games, smart home cameras, smart homes, smart thermostats, smart devices and smart devices for home automation.

Smart devices like Google Home and Philips Hue also showed up, along with smart home appliances like the Nest thermostat.

The smart home tech was everywhere.

Smart homes are becoming increasingly important in many parts of our lives.

Smart thermostaters have become more ubiquitous in the past few years, and many smart home gadgets are now available on Amazon.

Smart gadgets like Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana are also popping up on the market.

The CES 2017 Smart Home Expo, or CES, was a major showcase for smart homes.

The event was held at the San Francisco Convention Center.

There were several smart home technology announcements, including smart home fitness trackers, smart light bulbs and smart light fixtures, smart lighting and smart door locks.

Here’s what you need to know about smart home products and technology.1.

Smart lights, smart door sensors and smart thermoregs will be available in the coming months.2.

Smart door sensors are getting more powerful and capable, but are not quite ready for widespread use.3.

Smart light bulbs are becoming more common, but aren’t quite ready to replace traditional bulbs.4.

Smart lighting and home automation products are coming to the market in the future.5.

Smart bulbs have become cheaper, and will have more features in the near future.6.

Smart products are getting smart.7.

Home automation and smart homes are expected to become more common in the next five to 10 years.8.

Smart TVs and smart appliances are expected in the market by 2021.9.

Smart refrigerators are on the way to becoming more popular in the U.S. and Europe.10.

Smart water heaters are expected for the U,S.

by 2021 and in Europe by 2021, but they are still relatively new in the marketplace.

Source: Getty Images|AP