How to find the best smart home solutions for you

The world of smart home tech has come a long way since the early days of Amazon Echo and Google Home, and that’s because of the smart devices you can use to control them.

But how do you find the smart home that’s right for you?

We’ve rounded up some of the best home smart devices on the market to help you find your perfect fit.


Amazon Echo Dot: It’s a smart speaker with a few smart features.

With a price tag of $159, the Echo Dot is one of the most versatile home smart speakers on the planet.

With an Alexa-enabled remote control and the ability to control it via a web browser, it’s easy to turn your home into a digital hub for all of your digital media.

The Echo Dot has Alexa-compatible Alexa voice search and voice recognition, allowing it to be controlled from any app.

It can also be controlled by your smart home hub, allowing you to create a personalized home audio experience that’s uniquely yours.

It’s also the only smart speaker to support Siri and Google Assistant, which make it the perfect companion for the Amazon Echo.

A $99.99 price tag makes it a bit on the pricey side, but the Echo can be purchased at Amazon for $99 for the 12-hour battery, $149.99 for an additional 12 hours of battery life, and $199.99 (with Google Assistant) for a 24-hour recharge.

It also supports Google Assistant via a Google Assistant app, so you can get an even more personalized experience with your smart devices.

It has a wide variety of accessories, including two wireless charging cables, a remote control, and an Ethernet cable.


Google Home: Google Home is Google’s voice-controlled speaker that’s easy on the eyes and has a number of smart features including a built-in speaker and Alexa support.

The Home can play music from your Spotify account, read email from Gmail, and make phone calls with your Google Assistant.

It is available in three color schemes: black, white, and purple, which is a nod to the color of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The $159.99 Home also comes with an 8-hour Battery Life that can be charged via a standard wall charger.

Google has also added a new feature to the Echo that allows users to create and share playlists of music, movies, TV shows, and podcasts.

Google also has a Google Home app that’s compatible with Alexa and offers more control over the device with a number a more smart options for users to choose from.

A separate Alexa-ready device is available for $29.99, which also has Alexa support for a 12-Hour Battery Life and Echo-ready functionality.

It comes with a microphone, a power adapter, and a Google Cardboard headset, so it’s the perfect entry point for new users looking to get started with the Echo.

Google can also add more smart features to the Home if you request it, so users can connect a Google Glass headset or Google Home speaker to the device, which will help it play music and access the Internet.


Philips Hue: The Hue is a light bulb that’s made for people who need to control their home in a way that’s smart.

Hue is Philips’ smart light bulb, and it’s one of our favorite smart lights.

With Google Home support, Hue can be controlled with Google Assistant and a variety of smart apps, including Google Home and Google Search.

The Hue has an optional Alexa-capable remote and a smart remote, which lets you control it through Google Assistant or a web app.

The remote controls all of the Hue’s functions including lights, music, and more, and the Philips Hue has a 10-hour Power Life that will allow it to charge up to 10 of the bulbs.

Hue can also connect to a Google Nest thermostat via the web, and you can set it to turn on or off depending on the temperature you’re living in.

The Philips Hue is also available in black, gray, white and purple.

It supports a variety, including Nest thermoregulation and a Bluetooth remote, and its remote can also control Hue.

Philips also offers a Google Now-enabled Google Home Assistant app for developers to connect their Hue lights to. 4.

Nest: Nest is Nest’s thermostats, which are smart smart lights that can control their temperature using a connected app.

Nest is available as both a standalone thermostatic smart bulb and as a connected smart device that supports Google Home.

Nest’s Home app connects to your thermostatically controlled thermostatics via a network of connected Nest thermosets.

The Nest app can also make it easy to add new thermostate functions and set timers to make it easier to control the Nest therthings.

Nest can also get Alexa-supported Google Home to control Nest thermonuclear thermostaters, and users can choose between the Google Home or Google Assistant to control all of their thermostates.

Nest also has access to Google