How to switch on the smart home in your home

The new Apple smart home hub has been announced at Apple’s WWDC keynote today, which you can watch in the embedded player above.

It includes the new Home Hub, a new Siri-powered assistant that integrates the Home Hub with your existing Home Hubs.

Apple is also introducing the HomeKit App, a standalone app that can interact with your Home Hub.

The Home Hub also has new built-in support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE, making it compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Stick, Apple Watch, and a few other products.

It also includes an upgraded Apple TV remote control and a new remote app.

In addition to the new Siri support, Apple is adding a new voice command to the Home app called “Show Today,” which will show a calendar of the events that will be happening in your Home hub this week.

Apple says this voice command is compatible with “all the most popular devices in the home, including Apple TV and iPhone.”

The Siri app also supports a Siri voice command called “Time of Day,” which lets you turn the lights on and off.

Apple’s Home Hub is one of the few smart home hubs that Apple is introducing with its WWDC conference this year, and it’s one of several new smart home devices that Apple will show off in the keynote.

Apple also announced that it is bringing Siri and Apple Music support to HomeKit, a companion application that can stream music from the Apple Music app to a connected Home Hub as well as control the lights in your living room.

Apple also introduced new products from its iMac line, including the MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro 11.6, and the new MacBook Pro 13.

It’s also bringing its Mac mini, which launched last month, to the Apple Store.

The Mac mini will be available for $1,499, with the price dropping to $1 for the 13-inch model.

Mac mini owners can also buy a MacBook Air with a Core M processor for $749, which is $50 cheaper than the 13.3-inch version.