Crestron’s smart home hub launches in China

CNET has learned that Crestron, a maker of smart home devices, is launching its smart home platform in China this week.

The Chinese e-commerce company will provide a hub for connecting smart home hubs and devices to a broader Crestron network, CNET reported.

The hub is expected to be available in the second quarter of this year.

The Crestron smart hub will be built on an open platform with the capability to support smart home apps and services.

The company will be launching its first China-focused smart home ecosystem next week, Cnet said.

Crestron is the latest of a number of smart hub manufacturers to launch in China, including Nest, Philips, Philips Hue, and SmartThings.

The rise of these devices has led to the proliferation of connected home devices in China and the rise of the connected home as a legitimate business opportunity, CMO and chief marketing officer Peter Dickson told CNET.

Crestron is currently focused on selling products in China.

The new hub is a continuation of the company’s effort to diversify into the Chinese market, Dickson said.

CNET will update this story as it learns more about the launch.

Creston also announced earlier this week that it will be adding a smart home app to its platform.

This will be available to users in the US and other markets, and the company is working with third-party developers to build an Android app that will support the Crestron hub.

Cnet has reached out to Nest and Philips for comment.