When Microsoft, HTC, LG and Samsung Will Start Selling Smartphones with HDR Everywhere

The new generation of smart home devices from Apple and Samsung are being sold at a discount, and it could eventually include the HDR-ready versions of the phones.

According to a new report from CNET, Microsoft, Google and LG will start selling smart devices with HDR-enabled displays in 2017.

According the report, those phones will be sold in both “standard” and “high-performance” versions.

The “high performance” version will have a 1080p screen and an 8MP camera, while the standard version will come with a 1080i screen and a 2MP camera.

The report said that those new devices will also have wireless charging capabilities and HDR support.

The high-performance versions of these devices will have “high pixel density” displays, the report added.

Microsoft, Samsung and LG have all said they plan to support HDR in their devices for the time being, although it will be a long time before HDR is the norm for smart home gadgets.

That could mean they will still have to rely on a traditional color space for those features, and they may have to invest in a more advanced camera that is able to recognize HDR.

A new generation smart home product isn’t the only major product line of the future that will support HDR at some point.

LG is also rumored to have a “new generation” of its smart lights, which it will release in the second half of 2017, but there are no specific details about the HDR supported features.

The new HDR-capable smart home products from Microsoft, Apple and LG are also expected to be released at some stage, but they are unlikely to have HDR support until after they have received their HDR certification.

The most recent HDR-supporting smartphone from Samsung was the Galaxy S8, which is rumored to be HDR-compatible.

The latest Android smartphones to support the new HDR feature are the LG G6 and the Galaxy Note 7, both of which are available in the US.

The HDR-friendly Samsung Smart Home Hub, which was recently announced, will also come with HDR support, but its “high density” display won’t support HDR.

HTC, meanwhile, announced a “HDR Ready” smart home hub earlier this year, which supports HDR on a 1080P screen and HDR-compliant cameras.