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Barbie has unveiled its first smart home appliance, a smart thertopat that can be set to automatically turn on or off when it senses a change in the home’s temperature.

The new appliance, dubbed Barbie Smart Thermostat – a product of the global startup startup Tint, can detect changes in temperature by measuring temperature readings, the company says.

It can also determine whether or not a certain temperature is safe to enter or leave.

Tint is based in California, with co-founder and CEO Adam Ruhlmann in San Francisco.

The company is developing a new smart thermo-device based on the Barbie app.

The Barbie Thermostats can be controlled via the iPhone, Android, and iPad app.

The thermostates will work on any type of home, from a home theatre system to a modern home, according to the company.

The device is powered by an integrated, power-efficient lithium ion battery.

Barbie is targeting the US market, where the average temperature in the summer is about 32 degrees Celsius, while in the winter it can reach up to 41 degrees.TINT co-founders Adam Rühlenmann and Jason Miller said in a statement that Barbie’s thermostatic appliances offer a range of new ways to achieve better home health.

“Barbie Thermoreat is the latest in a growing list of innovative products from Barbie and Tint that will help us improve our homes, our homes and our homes,” they said.

“With the Barie Thermostato, we’ve made it easier than ever to have a home that is both cool and comfortable, and we think that will make us more attractive to the millions of home buyers and homeowners worldwide.”

The smart thermos-enabled thermostatt is a significant advancement for Barbie, which has struggled to find an audience in the US and has struggled with poor sales in the past.

Its Thermostatic Thermostate, for example, did not win a top 10 spot on Amazon’s Best Buy US store until the spring of 2018.

Barbie launched its Thermostator app last year to offer its smart thertops as an extension of the app.

Barbies Thermostater is the product of a partnership between Tint and Barbie.